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The "musts" and "nots" of after-work drinks…

Τα «πρέπει» και τα «μη» των after-work drinks…

  • MUST to relax - now is not the time to be tight, but to show your coworkers who you really are outside the office. Take off the tie and loosen the shirt. You are here to get away from work and not to do "overtime".
  • NON you feel stressed. The goal is to have a good time, but if you do not feel it, you do not have to participate. Drinking and socializing are not for everyone, so be yourself and do not push yourself to become someone else.
  • MUST to treat a round! This way you will become the "hero" of the office. After all, a round of shotguns never hurt anyone!
  • DO NOT try to impress your colleagues with your order! Something very expensive or very special does not mean that it is the best or that you will receive the reaction you hope for!
  • NON become a melting pot! Enjoy it, drink enough water and get something "for the waist" if you intend to drink more than 2 drinks!
  • MUST have fun! No, of course at the expense of others! Be calm, alert and treat others with respect, whom you will see tomorrow morning at the office!
  • DO NOT you forget that it is daily and the next morning you work again! So do not overdo it, otherwise you will be a "zombie" at work!
  • MUST remember that you drink and in case you overdo it, take a taxi, bus, or any means, EXCEPT from your car!

So, have fun, safely and of course to steal the show, wear it SUMMER BUSINESS MEETING LOOK of PORTOBELLOS, which is ideal from the morning at the office until the afternoon "to know us better"!