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Sweater - What you need to know about the most "versatile" garment of the season

Sweater - What you need to know about the most "versatile" garment of the season

A summary of men's style and one of the favorite elements of men's wardrobe, the sweater builds the most cozy & chic look of winter giving the feeling of a calm luxury.

It is a piece that gives style and at the same time protects from high temperatures while it can be easily integrated in both relaxed and more formal clothing.

The variety is great and the choice is difficult to find the one or those sweaters that will best suit your body type and style.

In the short guide that follows you will find everything you need to discover about the fabrics, colors and trends that dominate this season in sweaters in order to find the ones that will launch your style.

The quality of the sweater

One of the most important elements that you must observe in order not to "get lost" in the huge variety of sweaters that you will encounter is the composition of the fabrics.

The difference lies between natural and synthetic fabrics. Natural fabrics are considered to be wool, cashmere and cotton (which is light and durable and is the most common fabric for the production of a sweater). Unlike in the category of synthetic fabrics belongs to nylon (the most common synthetic fabric), polyester and acrylic (the synthetic alternative to cashmere).  

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